Florence Bienenfeld Ph.D, MFCC, and Micky Bienenfeld

Cook Books

Florence and Mickey Bienenfeld have always been at the frontier of health issues, from Mental health and healthy cooking, to yoga, exercise and alternative medicine.  Back in the 1970's they were truly considered 'health nuts'.  Naturally the culture caught up to them and these trends proved to be, in part, the secrets to long and healthy living. 

 Florence was known to never allow an artificial ingredient into her home, and fed mickey and the three kids with pure and natural ingredients only.  As health researched began to show the negative impact of artificial ingredients, processed foods, and some of the dangerous fats, Florence decided to create a series of cookbooks to assist people in living a more healthy and natural life.  Mickey and his taste buds, as a spicing specialist , and three kids and many guests who tested the recipes were instrumental in the development of this book.  Flo and Mickey's books have sold widely and are now considered as part of the foundation of healthy cooking. 


Dr. Florence Bienenfeld has been a Marriage, Family and Child Counselor for over 35 years and served as a Senior Family Counselor and Mediator for the Conciliation Court of Los Angeles county for 11 years. She has counseled thousands of families and is the author of My Mom and Dad Are Getting a Divorce, a healing book about divorce for children 4 to 12 and their parents (Author House); Child Custody Mediation: Techniques for Mediators, Judges, Attorneys, Counselors and Parents (Author House); Helping Your Child Through Your Divorce, a complete guide to helping children deal with divorce (Hunter House, Inc.); and Do-It-Yourself Conflict Resolution for Couples, a dynamic couple's guide for resolving disagreements amicably and clearing away resentments (Career Press); Creating the life you want to live (Author House); Florence is also certified in Clinical Hypnosis by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, ASCH. Presently Dr. Bienenfeld is in private practice in Pacific Palisades, California specializing in Short-Term Therapy, Couple and Family Mediation, and Child-Custody Mediation.
In addition to being a therapist and author, Dr. Bienenfeld has been lecturing on cruise ships since 1990, leads seminars for groups, and has been blessed with a happy marriage, three children and six grandchildren.

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